About Cierra Lynn

Cierra discovered her talent for art in elementary school. From crayons to markers, markers to paint; from designing nameplates for her classmates and teachers to winning school-wide art competitions, her love for art grew rapidly. Cierra started to develop her own distinctive style, wearing bold colors and prints. Embracing her unique style she began to hand paint and handcraft clothing and accessories for friends, roommates, sororities, fraternities, donated pieces to local high schools, and participated in on and off campus fashion shows and so much more.

After receiving her BA in Fine Arts from Norfolk State University, Cierra started teaching early childhood education. After working for 4 years as a teacher, Cierra was laid off. After months of applying for jobs, Cierra had to come up with a plan on how to provide for her daughter. With a lot of faith, Cierra decided to take her destiny into her own hands, turn her passion into a profit and become an entrepreneur.

Cierra Lynn has now become an influencer in the art/fashion industry. With her unique and bold style, she uses her love for art to spread love and the importance of being an individual. As Cierra Lynn grows, she strives to be the best mom to her daughter by allowing her to follow her heart and own her creativity. Cierra also strives to promote individuality, self-love and encouraging words through art and fashion.

Creator and owner of The Cierra Lynn Collection, Cierra is a published artist, designer, and teacher that turned her passion for art into a profitable business.  Known for spreading love and positive messages with brilliant brush strokes and vibrant colors, Cierra Lynn is adding a new look to the fashion industry.